Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm still here

Ok, I know I haven't been on here in a while. We have been busy with putting stuff away and unpacking. Not everything is completely put away yet but I will need something to do while David is gone so maybe that is why I'm saving some of it. Here are just some pictures of Katies first trip to the beach. She didn't like it at all, the water at least. She didn't mind being in the sand. We take her there most every evening. She is getting used to it, she jumps all over the coral reef or lava rock, whatever it is. She chases the birds and doesn't mind getting wet now. She won't look at the waves coming in, she just looks to the side :) Do you see those cards Barret is holding??? I will give you the scoop on that in another post :)

Then there's Olive, she has gotten comfortable with Katie. She finds her tail quite fun to play with. She loves to attack her feet too. Katie acts like a big baby though and cowers up to us to save her from the 3 pound kitten.

Do you see that shell ???? That is the BIGGEST shell I have ever found in all of my beach combings :) It is probably 4 inches long ! These are the kinds you buy at the gift shop by the beach ! :) I was SOOOO excited, David thought I was crazy but I was very happy :)

Oh and this is my second batch of frosted Valentine cookies ! Somehow I don't think there will be any left for Valentines Day. I have some other ideas to make for Valentines Day. I think we are having crab legs at home to celebrate Valentines Day and Davids departure :( Oh and David said that was the best macaroni salad I have made Tina ! YAY !

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Tina said...

Good for you Boop! See you like to BAKE and I like to COOK.