Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentines Day

This Brownie Chocolate Swirl cheesecake is from Juniors cheesecake recipe book..
I am not happy with the crust, not sure what went wrong, maybe my water bath was the problem. It is very rich though. I will have to freeze the rest of it since David is leaving. I don't want this sitting around. It is diet day the day that David leaves!

I put the lace socks down, I wasn't happy with the weight of the yarn I was using and so I started this alpaca cabled beret. Like I will have any use for this in Hawaii :) It's pretty though.

It's from Debbie Bliss's new magazine ( LOVE ) and I knew one of the lines was off and now that I found the link to the magazine, I see there is an errata in the pattern :( bummer. I knew something was wrong. Oh well , I guess it will be mine and I'll save it for my next winter in Minnesota :)

Olive has a new hang out spot !

She likes David more than me :( Whatever ! I ordered her name tag online and should be here this week, she has to wear 3 tags, name, rabies and base registration #. We will have to take her in to the kitty chiropractor for back problems from lugging all the bling around her neck.

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The Champas said...

heya! If you send me part of that cake i'll take care of it for you. I'll even be you sacraficial lamb and eat the whole thing if it saves you from ruining your diet! The hat is cute. (or the pretty pink thing on your head if it's not supposed to be called a hat) anyways... happy valentines day to you, too!

p.s. I DID get your card. Thank you! I will probably send you one in about 3 months... Yeah, that's about right for me :) I love you :)