Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where to begin?

Wow, it has been months, actually probably only two because we were talking about ball gowns and that was only last month.   I have tomorrow off so I suppose I can stay up late to post some pictures and give a little update.   Let's see... Oh yah, the Marine Corps Ball... First of all David had this idea that he would be on the ball committee.   In his words, it turned into an Epic event ;) , which it was.  It was the best ball that I have ever attended, and many other people felt the same.  It was on the Battleship USS Missouri, and here are some of the pictures.  The only thing I am bummed about was not getting a "great " picture of the two of us.  :(

What's next?  Oh yah, I turned 40 25 !  hehe  Since the ball was the day before, we decided to stay in Waikiki for the whole weekend.  We basically just hung out, ate, and shopped... David doesn't like walking ;)  We met up with friends at Senor Frogs and stayed out til 0 dark thirty ;)
oh check out the fat lip I gave David ;)

Cheryl bought me a Christmas tree ;)

Cheryl & Jess ;)
Ok, well that brings us to Thanksgiving.   I don't have any pictures of that day, I kind of sat on the couch and knit all day.  Trevor worked so we had a late Thanksgiving dinner.  I actually had Black Friday off ;)  We I decided to get a real tree this year so David and I went out and got the tree for my work and picked one up for ourselves as well.  David isn't a fan of Black Friday shopping so I went out on my own, had a little road rage but it's definitely not as bad as shopping in San Diego on Black Friday.  
I have pictures of the tree but I will save all of my photos for a Christmas post later.  There isn't much else going on , except that I am still working two jobs and completely exhausted.  But I will be taking a whole ten days off when mom comes in January !!  Can't wait !