Thursday, June 18, 2009

{ a new do ! }

So why not get a new do while I'm in town ! I went to visit my friend Cindy at her new salon and I just went in to trim my bangs

( OK I have to vent for a moment ! we are in lodging on base and housekeeping does not knock ! They just barge in ! grrrrrr can you feel my anger? )

ok, trim my bangs... so I have all this grey hair ! So she colored it and I love the color. Then she crimped it with the 3 barrel crimping iron... my favorite way to wear my hair ;) Don't I kind of look like Theresa from Housewives of New Jersey???

I know I have not been blogging as much. All the stress from am I going or not going to California and the Space A hassle and Katie and the kennel hassle. So stressful... But we are now here in California visiting with David (well I am.. the boys are off socializing ) while he is on his break from Afghanistan. He should only have 4 months left by the time we get back to Hawaii. That will go by in no time right? Well time to move into a new room here at the lodge , hopefully we have a new housekeeper !


Free Range Chick said...

Your hair looks great styled that way. And it's so long.

Where are you in California?

The Champas said...

Oh! I love it! Tell Cindy it's FABULOUS :)

dbush1 said...

That looks very nice with all those curls, and I love the color with your complexion. Are you sure you have gray hair? I think mine started when I had teenagers....hmmmm