Sunday, June 28, 2009

{ a l o h a }

We are back from our trip to Southern California. It was nice to see David in the middle of his deployment but he just had to go back. Only 4 more months left now. It was very cool that we were able to be together for Father's Day too ! I do have other pictures to post but I have been sleep deprived for a while now and it is catching up to me. Having a broken air conditioner when I got home doesn't help either, it's all hot and muggy in here which makes me even more tired.

But I had quite a busy 2 weeks! I had lunch with friends most every day, spent the day at Cindy's salon and got a great new do, went shopping and to the spa with Cindy & Kim in Palm Springs. Then up to Sacramento and spent a few days with my sister and of course we shopped and ate, swam in the pool. I even got to hold my brand new nephew of only 3 weeks old :) Got to visit a friend whom I haven't seen in 16 years ! And got to see Lisa and her family. I don't think I have seen so many people on any vacation before. It was great to see so many family and friends. It was kind of wierd to dread coming back to Hawaii.


Free Range Chick said...

It sounds like you had a super busy vacation. And you still didn't want to come home. It must of been wonderful.

AlexyRouse94 said...

Awww, sounds like you've been having an awesome time! Hope the greatness keeps up :)