Friday, May 22, 2009

{ a bolero for brooke }

So I have been knitting for about 5 years now and I have yet to make a piece of clothing. I figured if I can cable then I could knit a sweater ! So I just went for it, I have been wanting to for so long but I get bored and want to start a new project. But this little bolero hardly took any time to knit. And I think it turned out well for my first wearable :) This pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple and I used Muench Yarns in My Family, it's an acrylic microfibre and nylon but very soft and squishy. I wanted it to be washable and also not too warm. I knit it for my neice and hope it still fits her for school.

I am now working on a cowl, which is pretty much useless to me in Hawaii. But it is much more fun to knit warm fuzzy things for winter and snow season. I guess I'm just stockpiling for when I go back to Minnesota during the winter. Anyways, I found an awesome blog where I bought the pattern. I'm actually almost done with it. It is called the Thermis neck warmer. She makes the cutest dishclothes sets. I came across her blog through ravelry where I find alot of inspiration and patterns.

And I can't resist.... here is Olive all curled up, upside down, and kinked sideways in her Kitty City taking a nap...

Everyone have a great Memorial Weekend! It is our 18th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday!

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Tina said...

Happy Anniversary! Dad and I just had our 21st. Thank you for the card. Love you.