Saturday, March 8, 2008

i'M bAcK :) ♥

I can't believe the first week of March ! So much is happening. In about a month David should be coming home. I have started a new job that I wasn't sure about but now maybe I might like it or get used to it. I haven't completely decided yet. David received orders and we are moving to Hawaii. Isn't that the most bizzare news you've heard? That hasn't sunk in yet either has David coming home yet. I assume we will rent the house while we are gone. So much to do and plan now. I was going to post on Valentines Day and post a picture of the banner that I made but silly me, I must have taken a picture without the memory stick because I don't see any of the pictures on my stick and I dont' feel like getting out my USB card. So how about a picture of Hawaii :)

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