Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TREVOR GOT HIS PERMIT { but it's not valid }

Trevor finally got to take his test today, although the permit is not valid until the first behind the wheel instruction. Would you all like to know what it takes to get a drivers license in California now? Of course the law has changed and you have to be 18 but Trevor made the cutoff and was one of the last few to get it at 16. So here it goes. First you have to have your classroom Driver's Education Training, then at the end of the semester you receive a pink slip stating that you have completed it. But you may not just go to the DMV to take the permit test. You must track down the driving school in your area, (which took approximately 3 weeks). You have to fax or get a hold of the behind the wheel instructor and meet with him to show him your pink slip, after you pay the first installment of 100 dollars, you then get a white dmv slip... which you may now make an appointment at the dmv to take the permit. So Trevor passed, but wait , he still cannot drive with his new permit until we call the behind the wheel instructor, make the first appointment for the first 2 hour instruction - which is a 58 $ installment, 2 more to go after this (and we are still waiting for his callback ) , after the 2 hour instruction, he will sign Trevor's permit and then Trevor is allowed to drive with me in the car. Then their are two more 2 hour sessions of behind the wheel driving. He also has to wait 6 months from the date of the permit to take the driving test at the dmv for his license. 274 $ for Behind the wheel, 28 $ for the permit and I assume it is 25 + $ for the license.

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Wendylicious said...

YEA Trevor!!

Dude, what a pain in the butt, it was much easier when I was 16...but that was a long, long time ago!