Friday, May 25, 2012

The Baby Shower !

Ok so I have bee MIA.... Much has happened. I would like to just start with the fact that I live in Hawaii now and I have a "dream job" which is a work in progress. More on all of that later... For now I just wanted my first post to be Jessica's baby shower... She is such a dear friend that I have met here in Hawaii and she is pregnant !!! And she is leaving :( no bueno :( She was my first kindred spirit and has taught me alot and has been one of my closest friends. Of course I want to include Cheryl in this post, she is just as dear to me as Jessica. I have met the most amazing people in Hawaii which is one of the reasons I stayed.... Anyways... Cheryl and I hosted a baby shower for Miss Jessica and it kind of consumed our lives and our houses ;) Here are a few pictures that the amazing Angel (Cheryl's husband) took before everyone arrived... Angel was a lifesaver because he decorated and assembled and did soooo much and I am sooo thankful !
I have a couple more pictures on my phone that I took after the chocolate fountain was loaded with pink chocolate ;) Cheryl made the most adorable "topsy turvy" diaper cakes!.. We had a juice bar, a dessert bar of strawberry whoopie pies, strawberry cake pops , french vanilla cupcakes, white wedding cake with raspberry filling, pink chocolate fountain. The lunch buffet had chicken salad, curry chicken salad, cocktail meatballs, croissants, bite size greek salad, bite size caprese salad, finger sandwiches and baked brie.. I know I'm forgetting some but it was sooo good. I am just so happy that Jessica and Kevin enjoyed and we are all excited to meet little Evelyn ;)

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