Friday, March 13, 2009

Katie & Olive

Hello everyone ! I haven't posted in a while.. I've been working on building my Etsy Store back up. I even attempted making a new banner myself, I don't think I really really like it. I am probably going to have someone make one for me.. I can't do everything myself right? On top of making a banner, I'm thinking of changing the name of my shop to "Katie & Olive" ... no particular reason, I just think the name is quaint. You all know who Katie & Olive are :) I just thought since I like to craft in different venues that a generic name like that would be better. Well, please let me know what you all think ! :) Katie & Olive or kb knits & bits.. I vote for Katie & Olive. :) Here is a picture of one of the newest flowers in the shop and is one of my favorites. :)

1 comment:

The Champas said...

very pretty :) I like Katie & Olive :) But I like kb knits, too. I'm not much help, am i?? I love you!