Monday, March 30, 2009

The Honolulu Zoo

Well, I debated on posting anything at all. I thought I was so prepared because I remembered my memory stick for my camera. Well after a couple of pictures.. my battery died. sigh.. I have this expensive camera but do I get good use out of it??I don't know why it is so hard for me to remember these things.

Anyways, here are some pink flamingos for my mom :) She told me that they remind her of me for some reason :) I am sure we will be going back to the zoo , it was actually pretty fun.. I have never been to a zoo where you are so close to some of the animals. We saw baby sumatran tigers. very cute. Then we watched the spider monkeys forever, they were so funny picking at each other.

We were standing by this bridge watching the turtles on a log in the water and a little girl comes and stands between Trevor and Barret:

Little Girl " What are those?"

Trevor "turtles"

Little Girl "WHY?"

Little GIrl "WHY?"

Heheee.. That was funny...

Well next time I say I'm going somewhere, maybe you all could text me or call me the night before to see if i have a charged batter AND a memory stick !

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dbush1 said...

Yes, they remind me of you because you brought me a ceramic flamingo with a thermometer on it from Florida. I just turned on my camera to take a picture of it, and the battery is dead!