Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week { ONE }.......

Well it has been ONE WHOLE WEEK since David has left... some ridiculous amount of weeks left to go..I haven't counted how many, I should. Here is a scarf I finished, it is an Entrelac pattern. I got the pattern from KNITTY. I love that site, they have great free patterns. One of these days I'm actually going to knit a sweater for me to wear or for the babies maybe. I have been working on opening my Etsy store again, my table is just covered in crafts. I have made some tags for knitting projects along with some flower embellishments again. Maybe by next week it will be up.

These are slippers from the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2008 magazine I bought it just for this slipper pattern :)

And finally I had to bling Olives collar. This isn't a very good picture because the stones are way more sparkly in person. and she doesn't sit still long enough to get good pictures either.


The Champas said...

It's good you are keeping busy. It's sad it's so many weeks to go. I miss you and was trying to convince Dave that me and the 4 kids should just take a week off school and come see you... But he wants to go when i do, so not yet... I love you. I am sending you a big ol' hug and kiss!!!

WEndylicious said...

Sweet Olive loves her new collar I bet!