Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day Two in Hawaii

Today we went to visit Katie at animal quarantine. We brought her a chewy bone, yesterday was a better day but hopefully we can bring her home in the next couple of days. OH , yes we went to the Humane Society :)... we found a frisky little black kitty that we liked. They are supposed to have some baby kittens on Tuesday morning though. If we have our house by then, we just might go get one. Then we drove back to this side of the island. I love driving through the tunnels, very movie like :) I've been so exhausted and have had to take naps during the day. Woke up, Barret and I did a load of laundry, we had two loads but we wanted to go check out Pyramid Rock (cool beach/lighthouse on base). So we ditched the second load of laundry and drove out to the water. It was like bathwater, Trevor of course has to be broken in to wearing flip flops and shorts, he refuses. So here are a couple of pictures from Pyramid Rock.

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jody said...

I am so so so sosososososo jealous. I miss you so much!!! It is like 30 degrees below zero here or something like that (it is off of the thermometer, so i'm not sure)... That looks like a very beautiful place... Enjoy!!!

love you!!!!