Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well I woke up with a really bad sore throat today, I thought that I had slept with my mouth open but no, my ears hurt and I had a headache to. So I drank a lot of Orange Juice and that made my throat better. But the day must go on, the cooking, the baking, the cleaning of many dishes. sigh..... It was not bad though, I made pumpkin pie yesterday, although I had wanted to make the pumpkin trifle, I had no energy. I have all the ingredients though, so I will , when the boys eat up all the pumpkin pie. OH I also made the Hershy Kiss peanut butter cookies...mmmmm. I might make some fudge soon, since we won't be having Christmas, we have to enjoy and celebrate everything we can before December 15th. { MOVING DAY } .

We pretty much hung out on the couches all day watching and catching up on Supernatural. David and I are going to go out and about shopping tomorrow. Although its not too bad around here, Palm Desert that is. It never seems to be that crazy pshyco black friday down there. Oh and David is off from now until January 15th. We officially have 15 days to be packed or ready for the movers to come pack for us I should say. Ok, well here are some photos I took , nobody was feeling photogenic except for the food so enjoy.....

I got a new camera for my birthday and this is what I get............
Well you will have to take Davi'ds word that this tasted good because I didn't eat any... I got the idea from Martha Stewart. { of course }

Just a little snack :)

oooh awww, pretty... I will miss this in Hawaii, but maybe the beach in the backyard will make up for it?

Doesn't this look yummy?? It's in the November issue of Rachel Ray.. I never really liked her but I have used a few of her recipes lately , she's a dog lover too :)

I got a little knitting done...

I just have to make the I cord and pom poms and of course the other legwarmer. This pattern is from Knitty . Do you think I can wear legwarmers in Hawaii???

Barret squeezing in a little Guitar Hero while I'm on the phone wishing Happy Thanksgivings :)

Can't forget the Pumpkin Pie ! Barret served this up for everyone :}

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