Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Stockings were hung.....

Ok, So I wanted to knit stockings for the twins. I wanted them to be long and skinny and look old and rustic. The first one I did was the fat one, I couldn't find a pattern so I used an easy sock pattern and just used bigger needles. I didn't want it to be fat but I guess it could fit alot of stuff huh? So everyone I showed it too thought it was cute. So I went ahead and started the second one for Nathan, well about 10 rows into the green, I forgot to switch to knit and I was still ribbing. Ok, so I decided not to rip it out, and it turned out the way I had wanted it originally! So now what? Do I knit another skinny one for Jacob??? You pick Jody :) I am going to have their names embroidered on them after we decide.

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jody said...

Jacob and i are looking at them :) We love the stockings!!! no need to knit more :) We miss you tons!