Monday, August 4, 2008

Home again.....

I was going to say that this is my last trip for the summer, but we are going to Yuma for Labor Day weekend to visit my dad. Trying to get everyone in before leaving for Hawaii. Anyways....... Minnesota was soooo much fun! The best part was holding my sweet little twin nephews... I miss them so much already :( Besides holding the babies and falling asleep while they ate, we did manage to do other things. We shopped, shopped again, and did some more shopping :) Just kidding, sort of.... We got to go to the St.Louis Co. Fair, we didn't ride on any rides but looked at the animals, ate yummy junk food ...mmmmm teeny weeny donuts :)... We went on bikerides, there are awsome trails to bike on now that were not there when I was growing up. We went to my Aunt and Uncles Farm and of course, I took pictures of the cows, there were babies! We played croquet a couple of times, learned many new "rules" along the way. Kaleb and Barret got to play mini golf, poor Barret lost. We had a couple of bonfires and made Smores, one of our childhood traditions :) I think that is about it, I'm sure there was more... OH... How can I forget picking peas in my moms garden and eating all of them as soon as they were fat enough to eat :) Mom even made fried zucchini from my aunt's garden. Yes, today was Diet Day #1..... :) Here are a few of my favorite pictures, i took over 200! babies are sooo cute :)

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