Wednesday, July 16, 2008

* toe bling *

Barret and I are leaving on Friday to fly to Minnesota ... yay! So I had to have new nail polish... Couldn't find the orange shade I was looking for so I saw black in my collection and thought why not...Then I remembered I had little "toe crystals" and voila, they match my bebe flip flops!

*edited* ok, this picture is bothering me....the reason my skin looks bumpy is because I've been sitting on my feet on the couch for hours and hours trying to finish a baby blanket. So those are couch marks on my feet :)


Kerry McKibbins said...

very cool - I like.

Sarah C. said...

Fun pedi! I've never tried "bling-ing" my toes. Hmm...maybe after my bathroom is back in one piece. ;) LOL