Tuesday, July 1, 2008

s U s H i

I remember when I lived in Minnesota and every time I visited my dad in California and we would go out to a Mexican restaurant and I would order a burger. I hated Mexican food ! Since living in California my taste buds have seriously developed! I absolutely love Mexican food. So now I have a new taste..... sushi....LOVE it ! So why not make my own sushi ! Of course I have to make it myself. Ever since I was a child I have tried to make anything you could buy in a store by myself. Such as, Oreos, I've even made marshmallows ! Thanks to Martha Stewart.

I've been collecting ingredients, you know how living in the desert makes everything easily available :) I finally ended up buying a bamboo place mat at World Market because I couldn't find a sushi rolling mat. It worked quite well, not sure what the difference is. I'm not ready to try using the raw fish yet, even though I have eaten it. We just don't have anything like that available here in Twentynine Palms :) So this is my version of the California Roll. I'm really excited because these are really low in fat and calories.. One Nori sheet has 10 Calories :)

Now, I haven't tasted it yet, I will tonite and let you know how it is. I made mine with avocado, cucumber and imitation crab. Of course David doesn't like any of that so his just has crab.