Friday, June 13, 2008

8th gRaDe GrAdUaTiOn

June 12th 2008. Barret graduated from 8th grade. He almost didn't make it to graduation, he has been sick for close to a week now and woke up with a headache. I was just really hoping he wouldn't throw up in the middle of the Promotion Ceremony. He was fine through the ceremony, but came home and slept the rest of the day.

Well, no school, no work.... I'm so excited. I'm going to be taking an Algebra class at the college this summer to brush up before I head back to the school to "help" high school students in Algebra and Geometry. It's a good thing to know more than the students. I am going to attempt to organize and shed a lot of stuff in the house to get ready to move. We plan on taking a trip to Nevada over the 4th. My sweetest friend Terry tells me she has won a ticket to a scrapbooking crop in Carlsbad ! And she's giving it to me ! So I plan on going to Oceanside to spend a day with her. We also have plans to go see the show "Wicked" in LA. Let's see, I'm researching ways to get to Minnesota to see my new sweet nephews. Not sure how but I will be going there before December to visit. Speaking of, I hear that our school district will have one week off for Thanksgiving this year! Holy Cow! Well that can't be our Minnesota trip because Mom won't be there... .Maybe that will be the Oregon trip. hmmm... I think that about sums up the plans that I have for the summer. Besides the knitting and scrapping and baking. I found a graham cracker recipe I must try.

Well, Happy Father's Day... We plan on doing nothing.... I will be making a big breakfast, then grilling in the evening. Thats about it... Closing ceremonies for Baseball tomorrow, All Stars will be in town this year, so I'm sure we will be at the park watching our team play.

Have a good weekend ! :)

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Wendylicious said...

SWEET on the ticket to the crop. Is it at Ever After or at the Pink Pineapple?

Ever After is a bigger and better store!