Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I love making these banners ! I made one for Valentines Day and I was going to post it but I took pictures of it with my camera minus the memory stick! And I don't feel like getting the usb cable out to get them off. That one was made of felt and rickrack. This one is made of chipboard and tons of flowers, paper and silk, crystals (my fav), gingham ribbon, and buttons oh my.. all of my favorite goodies. This can stay up all year, since I have the americana theme in my fireplace room. I will have to take pictures of all my crosstitched americana sometime. I wish I had the time to do that again. There is not enough time for every hobby that I love anymore. I am still on baby hat & blanket # 1 and there are two babies ! Better get to knitting... Did I mention that Memorial Day is David and mine's 17th anniversary?

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Country Girl said...

Hi, California girl. I saw you left a comment on my blog. Thanks for the nice things you said. I was telling my husband just this morning that I was ready to give it up, and he was very encouraging. But then I saw your comment and thought that maybe I'd give it another month.
I love this item you made!! It's really cool. And I've scrolled down and read your other posts, too. I see you got a Kitchen Aid Pro. I got one for Christmas but I took it back! I think my husband really wanted it for himself. I went out and bought my macro lens. Ah, well.
Oh, and I love your photobucket slideshow at the bottom. I'm trying it out as well. Sorry this post is so long!