Monday, September 10, 2007


Two more days until the big day. David leaves for Iraq for the second time. It's a little different this time because he has a timeframe as to when he will come home. Last time it was all a big question and he was gone for over eight months. This will be a six month deployment. I have things to keep me busy so hopefully that will make time go by faster. Not to mention that he will miss every Holiday this deployment, every birthday except for Barret, but every major Holiday. I am taking some courses at the college, that will certainly make time fly. I have Yoga on Fridays, I'm hoping it will help me with stress and anxiety. It is alot harder than I imagined, I thought it was just stretching, I actually broke a sweat and had extremely sore muscles after my third class ! The instructor was shocked that some of us were sore. Besides my classes , I obviously have a lot to handle with two teenage boys and Trevor is getting ready to take his test to get a permit to drive. Well at least I have someone to drive me shopping, maybe I will have more energy to shop if I'm not driving :) Hopefully Barret will play basketball this winter and then there is baseball in the spring. He will be playing in the Junior league this year. He seems so small to be in that league :(... I also have my knitting, crosstitch, and scrapbooking. There is the House of course... I plan on doing alot of painting , yardwork and light construction. I am glad that I can take time off from having to work to be home for a while.

I love this color - I am so excited for fall. It has been sooooo hot in the desert this summer. For some reason I don't remember it being this hot here. Hopefully by the time Halloween comes around it will cool off to maybe 80? I love pumpkins ! I remember when we were kids and we had a big garden and every Fall we would haul wheelbarrows full of pumpkins up to the house and carry them down to the basement where it was cool until Mom cooked them and put it in the freezer so would could have home baked pumpkin goodies all year round. I have an accidental pumpkin vine growing out in the back yard and I'm anxious to see if any blooms turn into pumpkins ! I have a small and growing pumpkin collection that comes out for Fall decorating. I'm not a "Halloween" decorator, I prefer the pumpkins, baskets, and framed crosstitch. I can never find the perfect place to put it, I would love a console table to put in my entryway to display everything.


lovemyaaa said...

Love it Karen! Since we NEVER get to talk (or shop) at least I can read your blog! I'll be thinking of you this week, more so than usual!

Lisa said...

Kari, Love your blog!! You have always been so creative. I hope to see you soon. I miss our shopping trips and the stops at the coffee shop. Take care.